Name: Bethari
Place of Birth: Telgar Weyr
Place of Residence: Ierne Weyrhold
Weyrmate: Haaken
Oti (father: L’or)
Arlet (adopted: L’or/Jet)
Rhae (father: Haaken)
Craft: None (Unofficial Techcraft)
Played-by: Eleanor Tomlinson

Bethari is slight of frame and lacking in overt feminine curves, both her waist and hips small, and her chest quite flat, making her slender form seem either underdeveloped or simply a straight line from shoulders to feet. She could be pretty, were she to work more on her appearance and put her pale blue eyes and auburn hair to good use, but, as it is, her hair is left to do as it pleases more often than not, falling in uneven waves to her shoulder blades or twisted up in a quick updo. Her hair is towards the lighter end of the spectrum, more orange than red, and, on occasion, a smudge of darker colouring on her lips is used to try and take the sting out of its brightness.


She wears simple, well-tailored clothes that have a tendency to not match and not be of particularly good quality fabric. Her clothes are usually of earthy tones and look comfortable and well lived-in, some bearing mends and marks. Her rose-brown leather jacket is one of the smartest things she wears, tailored to flare out at its hem and create the illusion of hips.

It could be argued that Bethari’s life has been one long road of mistakes and events born of happenstance, including the girl’s very existence. Her mother was late in her childbearing turns when she fell pregnant with what was to be her last child, and it was only at the request of the childless bronzerider who fathered said child that she was brought to term at all. Her parents had been brought together by the somewhat mindless need of a goldflight, and Bethari was born seemingly by accident into a family where her youngest sibling was still a decade older than she.


Though her mother had time for her, it was her father who took more of an interest in her, and he who became the dominant parental figure in her life. Just what Bethari wanted out of life appeared to change turn by turn as she grew, first interested in /this/ apprenticeship, then that one, with the only common thread being that she demonstrated no desire at all to follow in her father’s footsteps. Literature and stories were her main passion, and so she seemed headed for archive work, then for the Tech Craft, yet ultimately no clear decision was made, and as turns passed with no clear path adopted, Bethari fell into simply working in the caverns, mostly running errands on the days that she was not assigned a department to work in. Much of her time was spent working in the nursery, where she found herself looking after some of her nieces and nephews, whom she came to see more as her siblings than their parents were to her.


As Bethari approached her sixteenth birthday and still showed no sign of choosing a ‘proper’ path for herself, her father decided to ‘subtly’ interfere and plant the idea of Impression in her head, weaving tales for her of the green or blue that would choose her and become the best friend she could ever want. Even when the next clutch appeared on the Sands and his bronze ‘Searched’ her, the thought that she would Impress anything but a green or blue simply did not register with Bethari or her father. And so, when that clutch hatched and gold Risabeth spilled from her shell to choose Bethari, who unwittingly announced her dragon’s name as ‘Beth’, her life was turned upside down. And the teasing started. Beth and Beth. She was not prepared for the life of a goldrider – and didn’t believe herself to be worthy of the decision the young queen had made.


This was made worse when Risabeth rose for her first flight and failed to produce a viable clutch. Though she brooded over a clutch of six for the proper time, and paid her eggs due care and attention, there was to be no happy hatching day. And so, with failure ringing loud in her ears and heart, Bethari brought her queen to Ierne, where she hoped to leave behind the hurt and shame of the poor way that she believed she’d repaid Telgar’s faith in their mistake of a goldrider, and figure out just what she could do to redeem herself.

Of course, it was only so long before Risabeth chose to rise again and she and Bethari were offered a home at Xanadu Weyr, where they would monitor her clutch in the hopes of a more positive outcome. Reluctantly deciding that it was for the best, Bethari moved to Xanadu and returned to the life of a junior weyrwoman. Risabeth’s second clutch was once again comprised of six eggs, sired by Xanadu’s own bronze Granaeth, and all hatched safe and well, though one of the greens was decidedly small even for her colour. Not long after the hatching, the reason Bethari had been against leaving Ierne turned up on her doorstep, and though L’or at first visited, then transferred, moving in ‘temporarily’, it turned out that they were both perfectly happy for him not to ever move out.

When Risabeth next rose, it was not so long after Bethari had suffered a miscarriage, and so, not wanting to endure the flight at all, the goldrider was pleased and relieved when L’or’s bronze Vorlath was the one who caught her queen. Risabeth went on to produce seven eggs, though one young blue hatched with breathing difficulties and required monitoring by the dragonhealers. Bethari herself would go on to have another miscarriage later in the year and began to suspect that she could have had others in very early stages, owing to inconsistent cycles. In the early months of a confirmed third pregnancy, Risabeth began to glow again, preparing for her fourth flight. Risabeth was caught by brown Wroyth in a low flight that saw them crashing into Xanadu’s lake. Of the resulting clutch of five, only three hatched, all greens, while the remaining two had to be taken Between. Bethari managed to carry her third pregnancy to term and gave birth to a son, Oti, via cesarean section.

By now certain that her own hormonal state influenced when Risabeth would rise, only two months after Oti was born Bethari fell pregnant again and Risabeth began to glow. Risabeth was caught by S’u’s bronze Tzettenvonth and produced a clutch of six. However, it was during her clutching that Bethari, half-convinced she was only suffering through her queen’s shared labour pains, miscarried at four months. Kept sedated in the infirmary for four days following surgery, she returned home frail and having not spoken a word since waking from surgery. Days passed and still she didn’t speak, and while the healers assured that there was no physical reason for her not to, they surmised that trauma and grief had rendered her mute.

Bethari was mute for nearly a full year before she spoke again, only finding her voice when L’or brought home a baby – his baby, from a greenflight – in need of a home. She took to Arlet as if she truly was hers, pouring her focus into her children over the months that passed, caring for them mostly on her own, with L’or so often away with his craft. When K’vir’s bronze Zekath caught Risabeth in her next flight, something of the experience drew Bethari to finally understand that she was attracted to – and in love with – K’vir, whether she had ever truly realised it or not. As they reached a new understanding, L’or and Bethari drifted apart, and when a crisis of leadership brought her to take Calisi’s knot and become Acting Weyrwoman, she moved out of the home she had shared with him and into a new one, taking the children with her, ending her weyrmating. Only a few months passed before she met Haaken and bonded with him over a love of reading, resulting in her spending progressive amounts of time at Rubicon River Hold with him. When they eventually progressed beyond friends, they became weyrmates and slowly realised that their being apart for so long a time of a week wasn’t working, especially when Bethari fell pregnant after months of trying. Late in her pregnancy, a mission for Xanadu gone wrong resulted in her being attacked by a newly-feral bronze wher and led to weeks in the infirmary after Risabeth rescued her. It was there that Rhae was born via cesarean section, tiny, but healthy, and her arrival that prompted her to acknowledge what she had been trying to deny for a long time: Xanadu was no longer a place she felt was home, nor felt safe or able to agree with decisions made.

And so she and Haaken moved, with their children, to Ierne Weyrhold, to build a home of their own and assist her father in the running of a new tech shop. Since then, she’s spent her time with Risabeth and her weyrmate, raising their children and working in the shop, fixing broken technology and crafting her own lights. Her voice appears to have returned almost completely, her smiles and words much more common things now.

Bethari’s Mental Health:
* Bethari has high functioning ASD (autistic spectrum disorder).

* She has a form of ADHD that often makes it difficult for her to concentrate for vast stretches of time. Her incessant reading is one way she tries to still her racing mind.

* She has Dyscalculia (number blindness), meaning she has difficulty dealing with numbers and has a habit of reversing them without knowing. She compensates for this in her Tech work by writing numbers as words and making lots of notations.

* She suffers with anxiety, a condition that took hold shortly after her Impression. Given the choice, she’d much rather spend time at home, and though her job forces her to interact with many people on a daily basis, she otherwise chooses only to keep the company of people who’re important to her.

Image by Somatic Silence.


Antique Promises to Keep Gold Risabeth
This candlelight-warm gold is built in long lines, from her slim muzzle, to her well turned out limbs, broad shoulders, narrow hips and slender tail. However, when this could easily make her bulky, her frame remains delicate, her paws small and tipped with fine, starlight-white claws, her ridges soft, unassuming curves. With hide the colour of a warm flame, brighter highlights of copper mingle with richer roseate hue and dapple down the line of her throat, sweeping all the way past her ribcage to thin flanks and almost to the very end of her tail. The shimmer to her rose-gold colouring helps create a sense of litheness of figure and steadiness of step, and though the former may be plain to see, the latter is certainly a helpful illusion. There is a quiet, watchful intelligence in her bronze-smudged eyes, softened by the manner in which she carries herself.


Image by Inkdragon.

Bronze Ember
Brown Equinox
Green Radiance

Sparks (dog)

Queen Material – The Light Princess

Yes, I know, ‘destiny’,
I’m afraid I don’t agree.
I say damn the royal line,
The family business isn’t mine.
To hell with the imperial,
I’m not queen material.
At six, you said I had no worth,
So, now I’ll never come to earth.

Yes, I heard, it’s my fate
But, you see, I don’t relate.

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