Bethari’s Firelizards

Take Away the Pain Bronze Ember
He is a nice mid-range bronze: neither too large nor too small and neither bulky nor waif-like. Rather he has just the right amount of lean muscling and length to create a perfectly proportioned form sure to delight the ladies if it were not for his coloring. His is a dark, antique bronze with barely any metallic shine overlaid by a sparse coating of nutmeg brown. What little metallic gleam there is can be found along the points of the clean cut bones and spars. Traces of gold stir in the darkness of his narrow, pointed head and the forward edge of his wingspars. Hints of copper glimmer in the motion of long, limber legs and spring full born within the needle like talons of his powerful paws. Polished brass hints linger in the fluid grace of taut haunches and sharply peaked hip bones. His wings are the biggest contrast: dull nutmeg brown tops but brilliant molten bronze glowing on the undersides but only when exposed to light.

Laced in Red Egg
A Gordian knot of ruby red strings wind and twine their way around the exterior of this modest sized shell, rather like a mess of shoestrings. They twist so much that no beginning or end can be found. Each string is uniquely its own yet a perfect match to the ones around and together the for a single hard shell. Subtle shading lightens and darkens the ruby as the rays of Rukbat shift over the egg.

Firelizard Hunt # 1: The egg theme for this hunt was candies. You egg is based on red whip licorice. The hatchling theme was herbs and spices. Your hatchling is based on cloves which are known for being natural pain killers and often used in dental products.

Possible suggested personality: He is very soothing for such a dominant male, especially a bronze. Heโ€™s not inclined to go chasing hither and yon. In fact, one might say heโ€™s unusually sensitive. Heโ€™s excellent at feeling the moods of others and most often can be found trying to ease their distress.

The Most Dangerous Green Radiance
This large green firelizard is an exquisite creature, all sleek lines and perilous curves; a cunning construct that carries herself with a grace that’s as intoxicating as it is dangerous. Her features are slightly distorted – elongated, in some way – that lends an alien beauty to something that’s otherwise altogether familiar. Her hide is a smooth blending of lime and emerald, bright without being blinding. Her eyes – tilted slightly as they are – are encircled in a slightly brighter green, a hint of chartreuse smeared artfully around each luminous orb. The bright-medium of her hide transitions to something darker along her headknobs and neckridges, trailing into a dorsal line by the time it terminates over her hips. Her tail is long and whiplike, encircled by a coil of cosmic green that ends in an explosion of too-bright-green at the tips. That luminous, cosmic green manifests on her wingsails as well, flecked throughout with spots of near-white like so many stars caught in strange constellations. Her talons are ink-dark and too-long, dangerous scythes that she knows how to use all too well.

Power of Purple Egg
This egg isn’t just purple – it’s practically electric. It throbs with an energy that it can barely contain, a force that pulses in shades of magenta, fuschia, and orchid. There is untold power within this tiny orb of too-bright heliotrope, violet, and lavender – a power that cannot be denied for long. It is unfathomable and intense; alien and alienating. And, yet, it exists and it waits for the moment that it can be fully unleashed.

You asked for it and, if I have my acronyms right… you got it! This gorgeous green lady is based on the film version of Gamora (more or less) from Guardians of the Galaxy. Her personality is more of the same – a mostly aloof assassin who will eventually find in you an undying sense of loyalty. I hope she works for you! ๐Ÿ˜€ -Aggie

Spotted Water Hemlock Brown Equinox
Almost as large as a smaller bronze, he is hardly imposing despite his size and only being marginally stocky in build. Overall, he’s leaner than most of his color but suffers no harm for it. The base of his coloring is a pale, almost cream-colored sandy hue that lightens the very tip of his angular muzzle, all four of his feet and half the length of his well-balanced tail. As the pale hue reaches across his sturdy built frame it begins to darken to a subtle tan brown and only marginally darker beyond that. It leaves him with a ‘cloak’ like effect, as reddish-browns hold dominion over the top of his head and over the small head-knobs, down the curve of his neck, ridges and back โ€” eventually fading out just above his hips and tail. Visible only when he spreads his broad wings are pale bandings of a truer darker brown, almost ghostly and too faint to see without proper light or close inspection.

Cicuta Maculata Egg
Nothing special to note about this egg at first. It’s a creamy off-white color like aged parchment. Only on closer inspection will the true details form. Lines of paled sepia take form, much like faded ink as it takes form in a tall, towering stalk. From it sprout long leaves made of several lance-shaped and serrated leaflets. A compound umbel with many clusters of white flowers tops this mysterious plant but beyond that there are no details and no color to formally identify it โ€” if it’s a true plant that exists at all.

The theme for this clutch was poisonous plants for both the eggs and the hatchlings! The egg names have the scientific (or close enough to it) name of the plant, while the hatchlings have the more common-known version of the name. This brown was based on Cicuta Maculata, a.k.a Spotted Water Hemlock (among other names). ๐Ÿ™‚ His coloring comes more from the fruit than the actual plant itself. Writing was all done by Th’ero.