Ebeny’s Firelizards

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Bronze Darylium
Caught in the cusp, he is neither here nor there when it comes to coloring, lingering between the two spectrums. He is small for a bronze but well proportioned from muzzle tip to tail and even through his broad wings. Along his wedged shaped head and muzzle, aged bronze dominates, holding just a hint of copper as it sweeps over his head-knobs and down the proud arch of his neck. The same repeats along his lean forelimbs and well muscled haunches and right to the end of his tail. Even the tips of his wings have been dipped in this hue and it’s only as the bronze creeps inwards to his back, sides and shoulders that it brightens, taking on a more true bronze hue with a hint of underlying green and gold.

Take What You Please Egg
A dash of this, a pinch of that… this egg seems to be made out of a little bit of everything. It’s a cacophony of diluted colors, all whirling and swirling together and so close to being uniform that it’s difficult to pinpoint one from the other. You could probably stare at this egg all day and get lost in the simplistic depth.

Egg and Firelizard were written by Th’ero! The eggs were based on nursery rhymes, with this egg being Old Father McNether. The Hatchlings were based on the seasons, with this bronze being themed on the cusp between summer and fall, usually between the months of late September to early October.

Fire and Ice Blue Askavi
A dark navy blue runs across this firelizard from the tip of his muzzle all the way along his spine to the tip of his tail. His melts into a more coppery color the farther down along his body and ends in claws and talons that look positively red, almost the color of molten metal. His head has a round appearance that is almost pear shaped. His neck is thin and his body is distinctly rolly polly. In contrast to his body his wings are long and graceful and capable of bearing even the most chubby of lizards aloft. His tail is short and stubby.

Guide Santa’s Sleigh Egg: Eye-popping red practically glows like a beacon on a very foggy night. It could be an inner gleam, or simply a trick of the light, that gives the shell a crimson metalic glimmer. Garlands of gold and silver twists together in lazy swirls, streaming brightly as they droop smoothly and flow ever around to the bottom of the egg.

Dam: Gold Blossomforth

Sire: Bronze Weasty

Credits: The egg was written by Kera and the hatchling within was written by S’dny.

You Can’t Handle This Blue Shalador
The picture of masculine allure, this large blue firelizard arrives with all the presence of a Lord Holder. Light sky blue starts at the flaring nostrils. The blue darkens as it paints up over a broad head with a sharp, strong jaw-line, reaching a vibrant periwinkle at the thick, arching neck. Powerful muscles mold the barrel chest springing into a taut abdomen. The play of muscles as he shifts restlessly casts shadows of steel blue into the periwinkle base of his torso. Viscious periwinkle rolls across a wide spread of shoulders supporting heavy sky blue wings. His build tapers into narrow, sculpted hips and flanks blanketed by a spill of navy spots. Long, heavy limbs are supported by wide navy tipped paws. The long slender tail whips wildly as his intense eyes flash.

Running Stripes Egg
This longer egg has an unusual shape, strangely flattened on each side of the long axis with a perfect curve running between. Snowy white ovals paint each of the flattened sides. Consecutive stripes of candy apple red run from one side to the other along the short axis, touching the white fields on each end. They alternate with snow white stripes in a cheery pattern sure to draw attention.

Firelizard Hunt # 1: The egg theme for this hunt was candies. You egg is based on starlight mints, a hard candy.The hatchling theme was herbs and spices. Your hatchling is based on chicory, an herb used as salad greens, as a coffee substitute, and as a natural livestock dewormer.

Possible suggested personality: He is intensity and sex appeal rolled into a hyperactive, borderline neurotic package. Imagine Cary Grant after downing 30 espressos, that’s this blue.

Stoking the Fires Green Oriel
A little waif of a green gives off an impression of a glorious wild thing, free and unattainable. She is at once both dainty and powerful with a curiously delicate strength, similar to a gazelle or fawn. Her head is a little narrow, echoed by the shoulder and hip bones so that she seems elongated even for her tiny size. Even her wings are long and narrow with unusually short sails for their width. A cloaking of mint green coats her from tip to tail, overlain by a lacework of metallic emerald cut in the shape of flames. As she moves, they ripple and she seems ablaze.

Going Up in Flames Egg: Helter-skelter they lay in heaps and mounds. Great stacks of books rise up into the fiery cataclysm. White moldering pages contained within slips of equally moldering leather, small, tattered but loved paperbacks, or crisp white sheets held snugly between cardboard covers, it matters not for all burn equally in the ever changing red-orange flames that encircle the egg.

Inspiration: The theme for this clutch is banned books. The book she is based on is Fahrenheit 457 which has been challenged for offensive language. Her description and personality are based on the character of Clarisse Mcclellan, with some flame imagery added to her desc.

For a suggested personality, she is a being both wild and innocent, endlessly curious and into everything. She loves being active and outdoors, especially around flowers. Though she is outgoing and loving, offering hope and joy to any who are willing, she seems to have trouble fitting in. For all that, she is yours now to do with as you please. I hope you enjoy her. ~ Janja

Dam: Gold Aurora

Sire: Bronze Glimmer