Elayne’s Firelizards

You Were Warned About Me Gold Amara
A queen of contrasts, at first she is the sun, only to become the night, her initially pale hide steadily consumed by the shadow and fire of a distant galaxy. Bright sparks of sunlight burst over her slender and graceful form, their brilliance fighting for dominance amid a field of fire opal and copper, the war one that wages from the tip of her narrow nose to the end of her lithesome tail. Its her ridges and the ‘sails of her wings that capture a pale and silver starlight and midnight-striated quartz, threading the cold of far-flung universes through her heart, that same darkness claiming dangerously sharp claws in a shade of polished obsidian.

We Create Our Own Demons Bronze Acceso

During moments of stillness, he can seem like a heavy and stocky bronze, especially as he rivals golds for size, but it’s the warmer tones to his hide that help to lend him a sense of grace in the air, the hints of copper and honey that claim much of his form softening solid musculature as light touches them. His muzzle is blunt and square of nature, his headknobs and neck ridges likewise lacking sharpness, the latter mottled with rust and crimson that are mirrored in the metallic facets of his broad, substantial wings. Though much of him may be comprised of subtle curves, his claws are wickedly sharp from the moment of his hatching, midnight black and deadly when employed, their sharpness echoed in the lines of his whip-like tail.

Mischief and Midnight Brown Allegro
Large for his colour, this caramel and gingerbread brown carries himself with unerring confidence, his shape a little boxy and tail a tad too long for the rest of him. His muzzle is slender, nose dabbed with soot, his headknobs almost pointed, while his ridges are shallow things that ripple in dull copper. His chest and underbelly are ruffled with wheat and khaki, the same light shades claiming the very tip of his tail and the faintest edges of his jaw. Perhaps his burnt cinnamon hind legs and forearms are a little too stocky, but he seems more built for bounding and jumping than flying, his tawny wings no poor addition, yet maybe second best. A smudge of something near metallic rings his neck, while his claws are of unrelenting darkness.

Cold Honey and Caught Magic Green Anima
A beauty in emerald and sunshine-bright greens, she’s a lithe creature, this well-built soul, her musculature subtle and sturdy to go with a frame that promises elegance in the air, no flitting and worrying from place to place. Her nose is dusted with pale mint, dappling edging along her jaw, the paler shade quite the contrast to the dark shadows ringing her eyes and finished with a stylish flick. Her shoulders may be a little slender, but her gauzy jade wings are broad and steady, their trailing edges touched with turquoise. Her claws seem almost gold, just as the rings that loop her tail, her paws neat and well turned out, all the same rich emerald as the rest of her save for her right forepaw. From claw-beds to wrist, soapstone claims that one, unapologetic in its incongruous presence.

Berry Black and Blue Arioso
Bright blue is mingled with irregular blotches of darker purples to make a firelizard that’s indigo by average. His head has a rounded shape, his blunt muzzle stained with purple that dribbles down his chin to make splotches on his chest. Down along his neck, his ridges are small backward hooks, their hue a darkened navy that makes their sharp points even more subtle. His wings are mottled spans, purple and blue mingled together in a blotchwork pattern, while a few more crushed-blackberry drops mark his back and send drips down his sides. His hindlegs are longer than the fore, and between those hips sits a splotch of cream at the highest point of his back. From there, his tail stretches behind, blue save for the fork itself – a swollen-seeming join with a darkly purple hue.