Name: Marel (Marella) Coldstone
Place of Birth: Cold Stone Hold
Place of Residence: Fort Weyr
Weyrmate: L’gan, rider of bronze Granaeth
Nerys (‘Nerri’ pre-Impression/Thea-Nerys), rider of blue Zulelaeth (father: unnamed)
Tiya (father: E’tan)
Marisela (father: L’gan)
Regina (father: L’gan)
Remy (father: L’gan)
Rellan (father: L’gan)
Rank: Wingrider
Previously held ranks: Weyrsecond, Weyrleader, AWLM
Played-by: Hayley Atwell

In her late thirties, Marel is around 5’7″ in height, with wavy, sable hair of shoulder length. In an oval-shaped face, her dark, finely-shaped brows and thick lashes of the same contrast with ice-green eyes that betray little unless she chooses to. Usually serene of expression and calmly contemplative, it can be difficult to discern what she is feeling. Her form is reasonably slender, her carriage confident, if sometimes a touch uneven.


She usually favours well-fitting trousers and looser shirts, the latter pulled in at the waist with a wide leather belt or sash to emphasise a slimness of waist and the subtle flare of her hips. Often, she can be found wearing a smart leather jacket in wine-dark shades, this garment the one that most frequently bears her knot: that of a brownrider of Fort Weyr. Her black leather boots are well-made and of a fashionable design, stitching and laces picked out in russet, their small heels adding a mere half-inch to her height.

Born in the High Reaches with her brother during a blizzard while their parents were visiting Thea’s home, Cold Stone Hold, Marel was named Marella (pronounced mar-EL-la) by her father (Donnchadh – pronounced ‘don AH ha’). The name means ‘shining sea’ and reflects her heritage from sea trader stock. In her early teens and her grow-up-as-fast-as-I-can mindset, she took to calling herself Marel.

Marel is close with her twin brother, Mur’dah (Muireadhach), despite his stubborn, contrary nature and his ability to find trouble. Their oft-resulting spats don’t last long. The two of them have had the run of the Weyr during their childhood. As their mother, holdbred and raised herself, didn’t feel right about fostering them, the pair spent their early days in the nursery and then in the Weyrbarn with their parents at night. When they were old enough, harper lessons took most of their days.


Her childhood was an interesting mix of visits aboard the Vega Run – her paternal grandparents’ trading ship – trips to her father’s retreat (an uninhabited tropical island in the Southern Sea north of Xanadu), playing with the other rough and tumble weyrbrats, runner riding lessons, dragon rides and learning how to sail the Zephyr, her mother’s sailboat. Life was idiyllic for the twins, with their parents being weyrmated and together until they turned fourteen.

Following the twins’ journey to Cold Stone Hold in the wake of Muir’s confirmation as their maternal grandfather’s heir, a four month stay brought no visits from their father, and eventually one of Thea’s weekly visits meant a return to Xanadu Weyr for the both of them. With the discovery of her parents’ split and her uncle now Cold Stone’s heir in a move to release the twins back to the Weyr, it was a conflicted Marel that returned to her home. Though she was glad to be back at the Weyr, she was troubled by the state of her father, the prospect of someone sending her or Muir away again, and felt a duty to try and make her mother happy. Shortly after her return to the Weyr, she enquired after a job at the Petals and Pots Garden Shop, and was employed by its current boss, Ryenis.

Shortly after finding employment, she was Searched by her brother N’shen for Sahazyth and Orionth’s clutch. Having accepted, she was frightened she would be parted from Muir and considered selfish by her family, though these feelings were somewhat abated by her twin’s own Search, also by N’shen. There was one particular egg that troubled them both during their Candidacy, but, come Hatching day, Marel was to find her lifemate in brown Isyriath, who spilled from the Colorful Field of Flowers Egg and nudged her away from Muir to claim her as his own. However, it wasn’t long until Muir became Mur’dah, brown Kalsuoth’s.

Marel and Isyriath had a relatively easy weyrlinghood, seemingly knowing how to work together seamlessly after a very short time. It can be said that most of what they did during their training was attempted together and wholeheartedly. It can be a little unnerving to see how close they are, for they always appear to know exactly where the other is in relation to them and their near-constant communication makes it difficult to ‘tell’ when Marel is speaking with her lifemate. At the conclusion of weyrlinghood, Marel was assigned to Quasar Wing (policy and diplomacy), led by her brother N’shen, now Weyrleader.

Upon her grandfather’s death, Marel was granted an inheritance and a percentage of future profits from Cold Stone Hold. She used the substantial sum that she was given to purchase the garden shop, re-fit, restock and re-brand the business. She kept on those staff that were willing to stay and work for her, bearing in mind her youth and the fact that she was one of their colleagues, now their boss.

Renamed the Wildflower Boutique, the shop stocks everything needed to plant and care for gardens, though it specialises in fresh flowers and gifts on a meadow theme.

Though she has often stated Isyriath does not chase green or gold without her support, the understanding between Marel and her lifemate was put to the test when he chose to chase Seryth, her mother’s gold, and refused to listen when she tried to stop him. Terrified that he might catch Seryth, Marel barricaded the door of her cottage and ended up using her belt knife to inflict a wound to her thigh in an effort to cause herself enough pain to stop Isyriath. She was successful in that and that alone, for though she went to the infirmary, she subsequently ignored the pain and let the wound get worse, which resulted in her being returned to the infirmary by her twin and her mother for a prolonged stay. After being released from the infirmary, Marel became increasingly anti-social, tending only to Isyriath and the shop – outside of administrative duties for her wing – and avoiding company whenever she could. She bears an ugly scar on her left thigh that could have been much less than it is, had she been more sensible.


It was suggested that Jethaniel could create a device to deliver electric shocks to imobilise or hurt Marel, should Isyriath chase Seryth again. Marel supported this plan, despite the fact that others, notably her sister, Darsce, didn’t. She now wears an anklet around her right ankle, which can deliver a varying intensity of electric shock.

Since her mother’s death, Marel has become much more distant, but not so competent at masking her feelings as she’d like to believe. She likes to have work to do to keep her busy, and, if she is ever distressed, it’s not something that she allows herself to show while in company. She manages her business and keeping its records and stock up to date with an almost brutal efficiency. Marel’s daughter, Nerri, was born when the brownrider was nineteen turns old. The little girl is formally recorded as being named Thea-Nerys, for her grandmother and her parents.

Though she had long ago acknowledged that being chosen by Isyriath would likely mean that she would become involved with women through flights, it wasn’t until she met Calisiya that she ever considered an attraction to women of her own volition. Despite the belief that it would be better if she were to continue to survive alone and let nobody in, she weyrmated Calisiya in the months before her second daughter, Elentiya (Tiya) was born. The result of the aftermath of a lost flight she had reluctantly let Isyriath chase in, owing to her shock anklet’s depleted battery, the girl is named for her parents and Calisiya – who is the only person who knows who Elentiya’s father is.

It was during these months that Marel also became involved with Corrigan, rider of green Iennth, and in later years L’gan, rider of bronze Granaeth, who would later father her third daughter, Marisela.

It was after spending years apart, owing to Calisi’s Impression to gold Meirath, that things finally seemed to get better, only to become very much worse. Terrified of gold flights, Marel stayed as long as she could before Meirath’s first flight, only for Calisi to cut off her anklet and physically assault her. Unable to get Between or think clearly, owing to her injuries, she was left to let Isyriath chase – and lose – before fleeing to Cold Stone Hold with Marisela. Marel spent several months at her family’s Hold before reluctantly returning to Xanadu, where she tried to learn to trust Calisi again.

Only partly successful in repairing her relationship with Calisi (despite Isyriath catching Meirath and making Marel Weyrleader for a time before tradition demanded she surrender the knot to a bronzerider), it was L’gan who Marel went home to of an evening, and soon she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, naming them Remy and Regina, determined to include elements of their three names. Eventually, however, she was forced to admit that she was never going to be able to trust Calisi as she had before, and, though she loved her, moved on without her, following L’gan to Fort Weyr.

What is Known About Marel:
* Marel is difficult to read. She almost always sports a serene and calm expression and it is very difficult to rile her enough to make her lose control.
* She detests alcohol, given her father’s alcoholism. She won’t touch it and doesn’t like to see it abused.
* She owns the Wildflower Boutique.
* Marel was once weyrmated to M’kal, blue Xeosoth’s, but ceased to be when she chose to bear Nerri, her flight-born daughter.
* She was also once the weyrmate of Calisi, gold Meirath’s, but the pair split following irreconcilable differences. This said, Marel still cares for her and visits her occasionally.
* She was rumoured to also be involved with Corrigan of green Iennth while weyrmated to Calisi and L’gan.
* Marel’s brown firelizard, Brier, is the one with the loopy flightpath and whistling voice.
* Marel was a daddy’s girl and felt a strong connection to her father, usually managing to cut through his gruff exterior.


Face in the Crowd Brown Isyriath
Rich caramel pours across the slender frame of this mid-sized brown, dipping into the hollows left by muscle and bone as it flows from crown to tail-tip. Golden highlights trail along his neck and back, emphasizing the curvature of his spine and ribs and tracing patterns on his hide. His wedge-shaped head is held high atop his long neck, with wide, whirling eyes set deep beneath thick eyeridges. The long snout tapers to a delicate point, coated in a pale cream that slowly deepens to mocha before blending into the overall caramel of his coloration. His legs, fore and aft, are thickly muscled, just a touch short for the length of his body but clearly powerful, muscles clear beneath the silky hide. Strong paws are tipped by talons of pale ecru, much like the ridges that march down his spine from the nape of his neck to the base of his tail. From his shoulders his wings spring boldly, the spars dipped in rich dark chocolate, a brilliant contrast to the cloudy white of the sails that stretch between them. His long tail, shading from caramel at his haunches to cocoa at the tip, maintains a near constant thickness from end to end, thinning only slightly towards the point.

Image by Cursed-Sight.


Gold Rescue
Bronze Glimmer
Brown Brier
Green Kathy
Green Ophelia

Tinkerbell (dog, owned by Nerri)

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