Marel’s Firelizards

In Solemn Remembrance Gold Rescue
Delicate butter gold hide covers this firelizard from the tip of her dainty muzzle to the etched and carved perfection of her tail. Streamlined, she still manages some feminine curves, as she is rounded through the shoulders and about her belly. Her haunches are even slightly thick for one so lithe and bunched a bit with muscle before ending in fine boned paws with the silvered gold talons. Her wings are a confection of frothy sails, brilliant bright gold and flashed over with a crystalline iridescence that sparkles and winks as they are spread.

In Solemn Remembrance Gold is based on Memorial Day for the for her personality, and her description comes from a an iris called ‘Memory of France’ that is both bright yellow and white. She was created by Bey.

Hidden in the Desert Bronze Glimmer
His shadowed, glimmering desert hide accentuated with hints of sun-kissed sandstone, this sturdy bronze is anything but uniformly one solid colour. Somewhat mottled in a tortoiseshell fashion, his stocky form is covered with shades ranging from ore-rich red ochre to much paler brass. Compact and somewhat boxy, he has large paws and generous wings designed to support his heavy frame.

Succulents Survive Even Brown Thumbs Brown Brier

Squat and thick from snout to stubby tailtip, this brown firelizard could hardly be called pretty. He has, however, plenty of character to offset his lack of beauty. A subtle quirk of his mouth gives him a perpetual whimsical smirk, bright eyes only add to his charm. His hide, no matter how often oiled, appears waxy, cocoa dusted with hoar-frost seems flaky until closer inspection reveals that, no, it’s just this fella’s natural color. He’s got a cutely-rounded pot-belly that just begs for tickles. The wings – barely enough to distinguish it from a lizard – are hardly worth mentioning and he will probably never achieve normal flight. The talons end in toes? Upon closer inspection you’ll find tiny claws barely formed emerging from the blunt ends but they aren’t even sharp.

See Only Tree Egg: Rough grey bark seems to spiral and twist oddly around the ovoid, with sparse needles of pine clumped haphazardly, leaving bald the rest of the branches and forming a peculiar beauty. Odd crystalline spots ooze from fresh wounds here and there, but don’t ask if it feels any pain; it won’t tell you. It’s just an egg, after all.

Inspiration: The theme for this clutch was hobbies. See Only Tree Egg is based off of the hobby of Bonsai gardening, the title specifically taken from the 1984 movie ‘The Karate Kid’, quoting Mr. Miyagi’s coaching advice to ‘Danielson’ how to trim his first Bonsai. Your Succulents Survive Even Brown Thumbs Brown Hatchling is based on container gardening – his description is based on a succulent, of course.

Credit: Succulents Survive Even Brown Thumbs Brown Hatchling was created for you by Thea on January 10th, 2013.

Eye of the Storm Cerulean Blue Flynn
Waves of blue-green water rush over this young firelizard until he’s caught up by the current and all but swept away. Creamy white specks pepper his muzzle that will surely give him an aged look when he’s a bit older than he is now. Cerulean blue sweeps across his head knobs, along the ridges of his neck and towards the start of his wings. The edges of the deeper blue swirls out slowly to become creamy white and pale greens that go to the very tip of his outstretched wings. Each tridactyl claw is a different shade of the blues and greens that adorn this little blue. His long, thin tail ends in pure white, almost as if he simply ran out of color.

Pale Yellow Mottled Egg: Wisps of faint color other than the soft white of the egg shell mingle along the round egg. Multiple shades of yellow form a happy formation of colors to tantalize your sights.

Credit: M’kal

“There’s Coffee in That Nebula!” Green Kathy

A handsome study in verdant coloring, this green is in charge and she /knows/ it. With wings perhaps a bit too large compared to the rest of her body, she struts around with confidence and a commanding gaze from the moment she steps forth from the shell. Flowing, moss-like color swaths her wings while almost-bark brown coats her head. Striated in a back-swept pattern, the color combines with her head shape to almost give the appearance of having hair pulled back into a bun. And always holding that head high, this firelizard seems possessed of a bossy (but deep down, kind hearted) personality that melts away only in the most private of moments. This is her world: you’re only serving on it. Set a course for the kitchens, though! She has an addiction to klah and the finer foods in life, as evidenced from her very first feeding.

“Do It!” Egg: Molded and fired in pure, china white, this egg is unusually wide and squat. Rimming around the top is a bronzed band that sparkles in the light but aside from that, the light coloring of this egg is almost entirely unblemished. It’s almost clean enough to drink off of, even.

Hatch Message: As if the hatchling inside suddenly decided now was the time, the egg positively explodes open. No subtle cracking, no slow opening…just instant expulsion and BAM! A formidable green hatchling steps from the discarded shards and looks about expectantly. Who has the food? It’s needed here /now/.

Inspiration: This clutch is based off of popular characters from the television show ‘Star Trek: Voyager.’ This particular hatchling is based on the character of Captain Janeway, a stalwart, formidable woman who protected her crew at all costs. Her only weakness? Caffeine in liquid form. More information on Captain Janeway can be found here. This clutch was dammed by Angharad’s Gold Aerin and So’l’s Bronze Kon.

Credits: So’l

For Remembrance Green Ophelia
Bright green wars with a duskier faded green across the body of this green firelizard, silvery pale in patches that seem to highlight areas before it deepens, darkens to a forest color across the majority of her body. She is rather small, dainty for her size and built compactly so that even while tiny she is perfectly proportioned from her muzzle down to the tip of her tail. Fitting her completely, are her wings with the ‘sails decorated in that same flashing pattern of bright over dark as it moves from the top to her undersides.

Rounded Sugarloaf Egg
Caught in glitter that sparkles under the light, this rather oblong bullet shaped egg has a rough coating of whitish powder that almost hides the delicate purple hue. A bluntly flattened bottom that rests in its little hiding spot, before it curves up to a barely rounded top. Flecks of its glitter drop, littering the area around which the egg rests.

She might be small, but she is has a very good memory when she wants to use it, often times attempting to remind you of things, and she will be good at keeping your fair in order if you have one. She will also attempt to boss around those that she thinks she can get away with it. This clutch was based on candy for the eggs and spices for the firelizards, you have the Gumdrop egg, and the Rosemary green firelizard. “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.” Ophelia, Hamlet. Congrats!, Bey