Rescue’s Clutches

Clutch 1
Theme: Final Fantasy XIV

Pebble in the Stream Egg
This medium-sized egg is almost perfectly smooth and just a little bit flatter than one might expect, its sides formed of demure, simple curves. Primarily a soft, off-white, ocasionally a broad stroke of pale grey and faint tan whirl around its shell, lending it an earthy steadiness.

Scholarly Protectress Green
Of average size for her colour and sleek of sturdy build, this young green is dappled from nose to tail in the healthy, verdant shades of forest foliage lit by a generous sun. Around her large, expressive eyes are smudges of icy-blue, the only break in the leafy cover that envelops her neat, well-proportioned figure. Slim shoulders hold the promise of brave wings, her ‘sails bright with the green of tall, wild grasses, her tail lean and claws dusted with the darkness of rich soil.

Credits: Scholarly Protectress Green is based on Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV (’shtola). Her egg and physical description are based on the city state of Gridania, where the Conjurer’s guild is located, since Conjurer is Y’shtola’s class. All in all, she’s a steady, dependable and protective little creature, more intelligent than most greens, and less apt to flighty flirtiness than others of her colour. The Scholarly Protectress Green was created by Marel.

Burnished Metal Egg
A rich red in hue, this egg is almost perfectly round, its shell seemingly polished to the high shine of unblemished metal, pale shades of bronze glimmering here and there.

Impulsive Heroine Green
She’s a sturdy thing, this robust green, sharp angles and smooth curves all jumbled together to create a creature who isn’t quite in proportion. A deep, fern green serves as a base for dappled markings in paler shades, clouds of olive and sage clinging to one wingspar here and ankle there, distance perhaps creating the illusion of rough hide, though she’s smooth from nose to tail. Long-limbed and expansive of wing, it’s her middle that seems tiny compared to the rest of her, as if she was designed for adventure without hindrance.

Credits: Impulsive Heroine Green is based on Yda from Final Fantasy XIV ( Her egg is based on the character’s leg armour, while her physical desc is based on the ancient settlement of Sharlayan, where Yda hails from. She’ll be a stalwart, loyal companion, if one that wishes to be involved with everything and could get you into some trouble with her impetuous, outspoken nature. The Impulse Heroine Green was created by Marel.

Clutch 2
Theme: The Dark Court (Black Jewels Trilogy)

Through The Abyss Egg
This large, tall egg is a riot of gem-toned colour, its shell completely covered in the sharp angles of jewel facets, from rose quartz and summer-sky topaz, to blood-red ruby and darkest onyx. They all mingle indiscriminately, the rich rainbow overlaid by the faintest shimmer of pale gold.

The Living Myth Gold
This light, ethereal creature has inherited her dam’s pale hide, her colouring evoking the brightness of a winter sunrise. There appears to be not one scrap of excess weight on her, her limbs fine, dainty, and frame delicate, while retaining gentle curves here and there that prevent her from looking too skinny. The joints of limbs and wings are burnished with a richer, autumnal shade closer to rose-gold, her long, slim wings imbued with a pale amber that diffuses through her gauzy wingsails. There’s a brightness to her large eyes that cannot help but betray intelligence and focus, the dash of near silver at their far corners the same shade as her neat, sharp claws.

Credits: The Living Myth Gold was written by Marel. She’s based on Jaenelle Angelline of the ‘Black Jewels’ series by Anne Bishop ( The most powerful queen in the history of the Blood, Jaenelle is the living incarnation of Witch, reluctant Queen of the Dark Court and descends beyond the Black into Ebony.

False Smiles Egg
The surface of this egg is somewhat inconsistent in texture, by turn smooth and rough in the manner of aged paper, bright white beneath brush strokes of black and smudges of scarlet red, as if someone has left it amongst their old make-up and let its colours taint the shell. A touch of powder blue here, then a hint of pink. Maybe it tried on the whole lot and changed its mind.

The Mirror Blue
A dignified soul in a blue the deepest depths of the ocean, this elegant firelizard has a tendency to hold himself tense and still when motion isn’t necessary, his path through the skies as direct as an arrow when he chooses to take flight. His well turned out limbs bear cuffs in a sky-blue near to white, the same shade that begins as a smudge on his chest and drifts in a hazy stripe along his ribcage, before fading out of existence. Azure edges his delicate spars and the trailing edges of his thin wingsails, in quite the contrast to the shadowy nature of claws that taper to threateningly sharp points.

Credits: The Mirror Blue was written by Marel. He is based on Daemon Sadi from the ‘Black Jewels’ series by Anne Bishop ( Taken from his parents and raised as a slave, Daemon nonetheless becomes the most powerful male in the Blood’s history and is known as his father’s mirror.

Blades and Staves Egg
This wide, smooth egg is primarily washed with the pale colouring of untreated branches. However, resting atop this initial shade are sharp, blade-like streaks of silver and grey that glimmer when the light hits them just right. There’s no pattern or reason to any of these slices, making it a chaotic, and yet somehow controlled field of battle.

Shadow Predator Blue
He’s born of shadows, this midnight blue, the dark, Prussian shade of his hide one that envelops him from nose to tail. A sturdy creature, he has been graced with slender muscles that lend him power without robbing him of grace, his limbs and shoulders bearing the promise of sure landings and lifts into the sky. His heavy wings are stained with a shadowy blue even closer to black than the rest of him, spars sharp and wingsails a heavy blanket that allow no light to pass through them. The only place that light seems to touch him is his claws, their sharpness highlighted by a deep silver-grey.

Credits: The Shadow Predator Blue was written by Marel. He is based on Lucivar Yaslana of the ‘Black Jewels’ series by Anne Bishop ( Raised a warrior and slave, Lucivar eventually finds a connection with Jaenelle Angelline, the living myth, and becomes part of the Dark Court.

Ever Watching Egg
The shell of this slim egg is black through and through, no blemishes or imperfections to its midnight colouring. It seems to be just that – evenly-coated in darkness – until one looks at its base and tips it over to discover two bright, sharp, garnet-red eyes peering back at them.

Prince of Darkness Blue
This large blue is sure of step and sturdy of stature, his shoulders broad and limbs strong, his form coated in so shadowy a shade of blue as to be mistaken for black. Between this and his large, expansive wings, upon first glance he looks to be a threatening creature, and it’s only the finer details along his hide that might soften his first impression some. Periwinkle lines his large, watchful eyes, while the icy-blue of distant stars casts a faint shimmer through his wingsails and along his flanks. His claws are neat and precise, a pure, bright white, save for one at his left forepaw that is coloured a jet black. Darkness – and light, but only if one looks for long enough.

Credits: The Prince of Darkness Blue was written by Marel. He is based on Saetan SaDiablo from the ‘Black Jewels’ series by Anne Bishop ( Saetan is a long-lived Guardian known as the High Lord of Hell and is the adoptive father of Witch.

Choreographed Performance Egg
Almost perfectly round, this pale, glossy egg is awash with the pastel shades of spring, one colour brushing neatly against the next before they blend and fade. The faint ripples across its surface are akin to the tucks and folds of fabric, the swirl of skirts visible in the groupings of shades, from mint-green and baby-pink, to sunshine-yellow and ice-blue, all elements working together to produce a precise and elegant masterpiece.

Deadly Dancer Blue
A handsome creature, this steel and sapphire blue, he moves across land and sky with an enviable grace, his step light and turns in the air effortless. He’s slender of figure, his shoulders narrow and waist more concave than merely slim, limbs supple and of good proportion. Steel-blue provides the base for sweeps of sapphire that begin just beneath his jaw and wash all the way along his lithe body before meeting again at his tail, his wingsails silky azure, edged with the sparkle of Tiffany blue, most visible when his wings are at full-stretch. His claws, though somewhat blunt, are darker in tone, a midnight warning against a paler backdrop.

Credits: The Deadly Dancer Blue was written by Marel. He is based on Rainier of the ‘Black Jewels’ series of books by Anne Bishop ( Initially the Coven’s dance instructor, his association with the Dark Court and Surreal SaDiablo eventually leads to a forced change of profession.

Clutch 3
Theme: Characters from novels

Silken Egg
Small and round, this little egg is smooth as silk to the touch, with not one rough patch to blemish its shell. It’s tartan in pattern, made up of blues and greens, reds and whites, almost unbroken in neat repetition, save for a black smudge near its base. It could be numbers? It could be nothing.

Truth and Spies Green
Her size is nothing to write home about, this tiny green, but where her build is delicate and her frame fragile, there’s no denying the spirit in her generous eyes. Those eyes have a mottling of forest shades around them, and while her slim muzzle is free of markings, the rest of her is patterned with a similar marbling, spring foliage and shadows of moss and olive warring for dominance. It makes for effective camouflage, that is, until she opens her wings. Her narrow spars unfurl to reveal gossamer emerald and malachite, brighter than bright against the muted tones of her angular body. She might seem defenceless and harmless, but one would be a fool to deny the sharpness of dark claws and the whip-like nature of her thin, lengthy tail.

Credits: Truth and Spies Green is based on ‘Verity’ from the young adult novel ‘Code Name Verity’ by Elizabeth Wein. A British spy captured by the Nazi authorities, the truth and full extent of who she is is revealed over the course of the novel, narrated by Verity herself, in the form of her confession, and her best friend, Maddie. She was created by Marel.

Cloaked in Shadows Egg
This considerably large egg is black as midnight from top to base, though striations of rough texture contrasted with its shell’s otherwise smooth nature make for a slight contrast in tone when the light hits it just right. Of course, if it never sees the right light, perhaps those differences will never be seen.

Of the Night Court Bronze
This well-built bronze could easily be intimidating to some, and though he is almost as large as a queen, he could never be mistaken for one, given the dark, deep-hued nature of his glimmering hide. There’s power both in his generously muscled limbs and in his broad wings, his shoulders sturdy and blanketed with a charcoal-bronze that seeps out across his ‘sails and fades to a shade of green-tinted silver as it reaches trailing edges. Both the corners of his eyes and the lengths of his dangerous claws are touched with copper, faint swirls of the same, brighter colouration curling over his flanks to disappear before it ever reaches his slim, generous tail. All in all, he’s a study in shadows, ready to pounce and with the power to claim what he must.

Credits: Of the Night Court Bronze is based on Rhys from the series ‘A court of Thorns and Roses’ by Sarah J. Maas. One of the high fae, Rhys’ nature is not truly revealed until the second novel in the series. He was created by Marel.

Triple Threat Egg
The golden sheen that coats this egg is a little deceptive, it’s true. Beneath it lies silver, or what would be silver, were it not for the deeper and duller tones to the evenly-coating grey. If one looks closely, thin, dark lines carve the egg neatly in three, prongs meeting at its top.

Deceptively Sweet Brown
This caramel coated brown is utterly average in size and build, so it’s down to his warm, vibrant hide and large eyes to set him apart from the rest. The very end of his nose is slightly lighter than the rest of him, but soon that rich, golden-brown claims him and sweeps over his lithe form from head to tail, where it begins to brighten and reaches a shade close to summer sunshine. Though he’s narrow of shoulder, his wings are long, their sails enveloped by a pale cream with glittering sugar stars that give off the faintest of glimmers if the light catches them just so. His limbs seem neither too muscled, nor too spindly, and it’s his wide, whiskey-soaked paws that grant him perfect balance and perfect aim to reach for whatever he wills, but be mindful of his steel-tipped claws.

Credits: The Deceptively Sweet Brown is based on Finnick Odair from the novels ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’ from ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins.

Lavender and Spice Egg
This small egg is not perfect in shape or colouring, too tall to be described as spherical and too broad to be considered slim. It is, however, a beautiful clash of swirling colour, pale purples and autumnal oranges and ambers warring for dominance in a tornado that engulfs it completely.

The Rose Lady Green
Small though this pale green may be, she does not have the delicate structure that one might expect of one her size. In fact, she’s rather the opposite. Broad of shoulder and hips, she’s a strong, compact creature, her teal-dusted limbs sturdy and her generous, ocean-touched paws wide and steady. Her honeydew mottled muzzle is blunt, those pale speckles dusted along her jaw, where they pool just beneath her large, expressive eyes before disappearing momentarily, only to reappear scattered across her firm shoulders. Upon powerful spars are threaded heavy sails, spring green and opaque, until she might lift them and let sunshine dance through, highlighting an ever so faint marbling of dawn’s rosy light. Her brilliant white claws will never be sharp, but they will suffice, and they are enough.

Credits: The Rose Lady Green is based on Cassidy from ‘The Shadow Queen’ and ‘Shalador’s Lady’ by Anne Bishop. Judged primarily on her appearance by many of her peers, she proves that beauty and power are not necessarily what’s needed to be a good Queen. She was created by Marel.

Shades of Grey Egg
Of middling size, this round egg is coated in a chaotic swirl of greys and blacks, smog and the uncertainty of those muddled shades dominating its shell. However, occasionally, a flicker of light might be seen, a fleck of white breaking through the darkness here and there.

Perfectly Imperfect Blue
He’s a well-built, stocky example of his colour, this cerulean-washed blue, his form well-muscled while remaining lithe enough to prevent him from looking bulky. Long-limbed, he’s dapped with periwinkle and viridian from the edge of his blunt nose to the tip of his slender tail, right down to his neat paws with their soft claws. His ridges are much darker, each one smudged with a shadowy midnight that disperses a little through the surrounding hide, making it look as though someone has inked their way along his spine with intent. Broad shoulders give way to sturdy spars and wide wings, their ‘sails mottled with royal and sapphire blues, the latter bright enough to glimmer faintly, if raised to the right light. It’s his claws that don’t match the rest of him, a dull brown against brighter hues – muddied, and not.

Credits: The Perfectly Imperfect Blue is based on Four from Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ series of novels. He was created by Marel.