Warring Soul Green Laurieth

Warring Soul Green Laurieth
Long and well-proportioned, this green might seem sturdy were it not for the angles that make up her frame. Faded carbon sweeps through the chrome green of her hide, leaving deeper strokes of garnet in its wake similar to creases and ripples brushed over her form. Her sharp muzzle leads to narrow, hooded eyes that lend her an air of perpetual displeasure, her neckridges neat and clean cut. Slim wingspars match joints so plain to see as to seem almost unprotected, the same smoky haze that smothers her wingsails drifting over the underside of her limbs. Only her large paws and the very tip of her tail permit any trace of light to touch her, glossy opal splashed haphazardly over both.


Melee Steel Egg
It is the flash of metal as it falls, curving over the sides of this egg, sharpened steel that clangs against other hardened metal and bruising agony from the men underneath. Blooms of purple and blue across flesh under plate armour and the sharp scream of metal denting as it is hit before the hammer falls. The moans and calls of those fallen, trampled under before those that victorious ride off, leaving behind the battered and the dead.

Hatching Messages
When it starts to move, it seems the weapons on the Melee Steel Egg move even faster, as the egg rolls. As it turns in its own little hollow those pointed armiments seem to swing down, even more dangerous now.

Spiralling cracks start to form on the Melee Steel Egg, separating the sharp edges of the blades and the harder lines of the hammers into different sections now only held together by the once cohesiveness of the past.

Those wide cracks now cause the shell to fall away on the Melee Steel egg and expose for the first time a large green Hatchling. She sits, for a just a moment, indecisive on this first decision when all is so important. But soon enough she is moving and pushing foward toward that line of candidates.

Impression Message
Overwhelming is the pressure that pushes against your mind, pressing down, down, down until it seems more than you might bear until suddenly, as quickly as it started it backs away. « Ebeny? » comes the query, so very faint, whispered across your senses. « EBENY! » then she, for it is quite definately feminine in tone, « Are you there? I really must have your answer, you know. Your Laurieth is so very tired of searching, you see. »

In her early months, Laurieth will certainly be a handful and very difficult to control. She might manage to behave a little better during classes, but most of her aggression and temper will be taken out on you. How you handle her now – matching temper with temper, or with patience and a firm hand – will have a great impact on how your relationship and how she herself develops. You may wish to seek advice concerning her behaviour, but whether you do or not is entirely up to you, especially considering the worst of it will likely go unnoticed by others. Most of the time, she’ll claim she can do anything alone; that you frustrate her and she doesn’t need you, but should you take her at her word and leave her to fend for herself for a period of time, she’ll be screaming for you to come back. It might be a game or it could be something more: it’s up to you to find out.

Her ever-changing mood will make it difficult for you to anticipate her next course of action, even if she seems set on one particular path. For example, the weaker and defenceless will bring out a fiercely protective instinct in her and she will take a shine to children (both human and dragon) in particular. She’ll want to look after and be playful with younger individuals, but once they’re out of sight, she’ll be right back to scathing and fearless. Laurieth rarely looks before she leaps and even pain and danger aren’t enough to deter her from doing as she pleases. During lessons, she’ll make efforts to learn and will want to be right in whatever she does, though even if she is right, her accuracy and ability may be lost in her less than personable manner. If you can figure out what she loves and spend some time concentrating on it, it could bring out a softer side to her, until she gets bored again. If the world doesn’t work how she wants it to, she’ll make sure you – and others – know about it, though if you can distract her or steer her towards focusing on something else, you could catch her in time to stop her mood plummeting into being uncooperative.

In the air, she’ll never be the match of her smallest sisters, but the strength and stamina that her larger frame grants her will allow her to work at acrobatics and agility until she’s good enough to give them a run for their money. Of course, how and when she works at it won’t be in an orderly fashion or with much sense involved. She’ll want everything to be perfect and for everything to be completed correctly the first time when working with a Wing, and all that time she spends ‘playing’ and throwing herself around in the air? is her way of ensuring she doesn’t make a fool of herself when it comes to drills. There’s the fun of it too and her reckless edge means she’ll always push the boundaries, but the same recklessness will mean she will have to learn precision to stay in one piece, however inadvertently it is learned and perhaps never realised as the source.

When it’s time for her to rise, you may find that the two of you take on elements of each other’s personalities, though that depends on how much you’re able – and willing – to fight it. She may become more gentle, whereas her aggression and often unbalanced state of mind will seep through to you. When it comes down to the flight itself, any softer elements that she demonstrates will be abandoned and she’ll use every bit of her agility and as much acrobatics as she can get away with. While she’s apt to get caught up in flight and may literally be caught unawares by a male, more often than not she’ll make a choice if she can, though her way of getting herself caught could be quite dangerous and almost aggressive.

As Laurieth continues to mature, there’s every possibility that she could mellow a little, though never by much. She’ll never be exactly balanced and her moods will always be unpredictable, but she may try and keep the worst of her remarks to herself when in discussion with you (and only you) and learn not to hassle everybody if she’s bored or believes something to be out of place. She won’t let many see her softer side and will always pretend that she doesn’t have one, but if you learn to humour her in that and be careful in ensuring you’re not patronising in your affection, Laurieth could well learn that it’s alright for her to be quietly caring.

Mindvoice: Darkest Dichotomy
Her voice woven through more with background noise than images or scents, Laurieth speaks with the pluck of strings and strum of an often ill-tuned electric guitar. Unafraid to use volume to get her point across, the screech of faulty connections to a damaged amp flares through her voice more often than not, reduced to a low murmur only when tired or at her very lowest. Her mind itself is utterly dark, only flaring with sharp bursts of electrified colour when prompted to strong emotion or to emphasize something. But then, when isn’t she prone to strong emotion? Dark paths constantly wind in a manner akin to a maze, smoke lurking and always barely contained, threatening to sneak out, choke and overwhelm.

Inspiration & Credits
Laurieth is based on the darker side of B’Elanna Torres of Star Trek Voyager. As a child and young adult, she believes nobody understands her and repeatedly feels the need to prove herself, athletics being one area where she excels, and this is where Laurieth gets her love for acrobatics and desire to be right the first time from. Known to have a problem with following the rules and conforming to a behavioural ‘norm’, her aggression and constant railing against the rules leads her to leave Starfleet Academy and join the Maquis rebellion. The more extreme elements of Laurieth’s behaviour are drawn from the episode ‘Extreme Risk’, where Torres claims to deliberately put herself in danger just to feel and experience something. Her tough exterior, sharp nature and reluctance to demonstrate or admit to gentler emotions are gathered from the internal conflict of being both human and Klingon: having two sides at war with each other. Torres often claims to not need anyone and deliberately pushes people away, something that may become familiar behaviour as Laurieth matures. Dragon created by Ebeny and Bey. Image credit to Somatic Silence.