Name: Xyvette (Elixvyette)
Place of Birth: Harper Hall, Fort Area
Place of Residence: Half Moon Bay Weyr
Mate: L’mal, rider of blue Maurth, (Husband deceased)
Xander (father: L’mal)
Tressie (father: late husband)
Vytani (father: L’mal)
Craft: Harper (Law)
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Played-by: Torri Higginson

Tall and slim – some might say angular – Elixyvette wears her willowy shape well, her shoulders narrow and waist more so, her long legs slender and frame mostly lacking in any significant curves. Her dark, shoulder-length hair might be plain, were it not for the loose, natural curls that have the grace to be not so frizzy and soften a face with high cheekbones and a tendency to look a little too thin. Amber eyes might be hazel in a different light, her gaze steady and focus often a touch too intense.

Plain clothes are favoured, usually simple trousers paired with pale blouses and knee-high leather boots with half-inch heels. Jewellery worn tends towards silver, two slim chains usually visible at the collar of her blouse, yet the cut of fabric conceals what might hang from them.

What is Known About Xyvette
* Those at the Hall would know that Xyvette has two fathers. She is aware of who her mother is, but the woman has not been involved in the raising of her.
* Most would know she was married and had two children who were being raised at the Harper Hall.
* Some would know that her marriage was not exactly built on affection, but that she was at least friends with her husband.
* Xyvette was expected to comfortably make Master by the time she was 30; her accepting Search angered many at the Hall.
* Some would know that Xyvette struggles with both eating and sleeping.
* Outside of her focus on law, she specialises in teaching apprentices with reading, writing and processing difficulties.
* Some would know that she entered into a relationship with her best friend from the Hall (who she hadn’t seen for a decade and more) a mere four months after her husband died.
No-one but Xyvette, L’mal and Xander is aware that Xander is L’mal’s and not her late husband’s.

Born into a family of crafters, able to trace their lineage back generations of crafters, there was only ever going to be one path for Elixyvette. Almost as soon as she was old enough to walk and talk, her family looked for and anticipated finding a talent for a particular craft, and with her parents both resident teaching Sr. Journeymen at the Harper Hall, the expectation was that she would follow in their footsteps.

And she did. Whether of her own volition or because it was presented as the only proper option for her, Elixyvette apprenticed as soon as she was of age, with her parents and extended family offering ‘assistance’, ‘advice’ and ‘guidance’ at every turn. If she ever truly had any other aspirations, they didn’t surface, at least not in-front of her instructors or family, and one would have been forgiven for believing that she had no interests beyond her craft and the path of her specialties: law and history. From the outside, it looked like a terribly boring existence. And maybe it was, but her parents and family had done just fine, were respected, and she saw little need to question what she was doing. Perhaps she even liked what others perceived to be a regimented, restricted life and studies.

A Journeyman by eighteen, next her parents sought to find her a suitable husband and encouraged the interest and attentions of a Sr. Journeyman ten turns her senior. As long as she was permitted her craft, Elixyvette seemed to have little care for whether she married or not, and so accepted the proposal that came her way only weeks after she received her new rank. Children soon followed, as did postings to both major and minor Holds, where she was primarily on retainer to negotiate trade agreements and handle legal disputes between cotholders and the Holds they looked to.

Under pressure and on-track to move on from Sr. Journeyman and make Master by her thirtieth turn, the death of her husband, owing to a heart episode, threatened to derail life and craft both. Or so it was suggested. Support was offered, condolences given, and yet Elixyvette’s reaction seemed so self-contained that it was assumed that she simply hadn’t given herself time to process her grief.

Having thus far avoided a posting to a Weyr, Elixyvette concluded that it might stand against her if she were to continue to attempt attain her Mastery before turning thirty. Sending her children back to the Harper Hall to live with her family, she accepted the first posting offered and didn’t look back.

Of course, everyone believed this drastic step to be a result of grief.

Not long after her posting to Half Moon Bay Weyr, Elixyvette was Searched, and, after requesting forty-eight hours to consider whether to accept or not, she became a Candidate. She found the physical labour difficult, but refused to be shown up and continued on whether she was any good at her set task(s) or not. Most often, she didn’t take her meals with the other Candidates (or at all) and often holed herself up in the library instead. When the eggs finally hatched, she was chosen by brown Nehehkath, after dislocating and fracturing her own thumb.

Some months into her weyrlinghood, it was realised that Xyvette was not making much progress in terms of physical ability, and, in-fact, seemed to be going backwards. With the other weyrlings about to take their first flights with their lifemates, she was officially grounded and put on a strict diet and routine of physical therapy to try and get her into good enough shape to withstand the physical demands of being a rider. Just how long it will take her to put on the mass and develop the strength remained to be seen. Still, she made decent progress, mostly owing to Nehehkath and L’mal, the latter of which she had been in a relationship with almost since her arrival at Half Moon Bay. Having been held back in training, though she broke no rules, she found herself pregnant before her weyrlinghood was concluded, leading to Nehehkath being taught to go Between without her, something that terrified her at the time. Despite this, she eventually graduated and was assigned as administrator to Reef Wing, where she undertakes the organisation and paperwork regarding the wing. A daughter, Vytani, was born some months after her graduation.

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