Xyvette’s Firelizards

Destiny in Her Gaze Green Destiny
Dark and light green chase each other around this firelizard like night and day around the globe. Forboding storm-sky green hangs around her torso, though it’s not enough to entirely block out the light; a faint shimmer of stars, obscured by the darkness but still shining through with their guidance. Her neck is pale as moonlight, arching up to a delicate head where large and slightly crooked knobs are darkened by a patch of obsidian perched atop her head. The dark on her head is counterbalanced by light, a pale spot just at the base of her tail. That starlit ice sweeps again across her wings, in a pair of arcs that begin at her chest and widen to swoop back along her spars, delineating the curve of wings from their shoulder to the outer tips and framing green-glass sails that hide as much as hint.

Bearer of Quintessence Egg
Streaks of pure white light edged in shimmering purple trace around the globe of this shell, the fog of their passage having turned the atmosphere of that orb to a pale lavender haze beneath the shining motion-trails left by those glowing asteroids.

Inspiration: A bit of Luminiferous Aether for her egg… though it will, sadly, be broken to pieces as she emerges. Still, she’ll be your little Astrologian, ready to read the stars and alter fate in her guise as night or day. Written by Soriana, Summer 2017.

Breath of the Earth Green Purity
On the larger side for her colour, it’s not that this pale, mint green is stocky, but that she’s long and narrow from nose to tail, agile in her build that lies on just the right side of delicate. Her slender muzzle is dappled with near white, a dot of chartreuse just above her eyes threaded on tiny dots of the same pale shade leading to her petite headknobs. Around her shoulders, it seems a cloak of tattered emerald has been thrown, its pattern and richer colour echoed in neat gloves for her paws and at the very tip of her lengthy tail. Her shoulders seem no more broad than they should be, yet they support narrow, powerful wings threaded with ‘sails that bear a glowing, all but translucent mist of turquoise and spring green. And her claws? Are not to be messed with. Sharp and silver, determined to make her be heard.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Egg
A pale, pastel blue at first glance, a spherical shell only discovers its true nature when caught in the most pale and pure of lights, glimmers of sapphire sparking to life here and there from the tiniest grains to form a gentle, healing haze around the tiny life within.

Inspiration: The Breath of the Earth Green is based on the White Mage, the outfit that inspires her physical description seen most predominantly in Final Fantasy IX and XIV. Her egg draws from the restore all HP spell ‘Benediction’. Egg kindly from Calisi’s gold Bette.

Image of the Ancients Blue Acuity
Upon first glance, one would be forgiven for believing that that he’s actually a green, for this blue is small enough and of not so cold a shade that he doesn’t seem to quite blend in with others of his colour. Ocean and sky wash over his carefully crafted frame, claiming all but his neat, shallow ridges, so thin as to take on a glassy, near see-through quality. Over the paler shades of his hide is a network of hexagons of varying sizes and intensity of colour, the teal and ultramarine shot through with pale summer sunshine that yellows their hue to create a dappling of the greens of a spring meadow. His delicate wings reveal azure and steel, whisps woven together to form a bubble-like texture that remains deceptively soft and smooth. Teeth and claws are born of sharpened quills, tipped with inky shadows.

Aetherpact Egg
A vivid whirl of emerald and jade cradles this slender shell, a summer sunshine yellow seeming to etch the outline of gauzy wings across its surface, enveloping it in a warm embrace.

Inspiration: The Image of the Ancients blue is based on the Scholar, a healer class from FFXIV. His egg includes elements of the wings of the fairy summon Eos and Selene, while his physical appearance is influenced by the shielding spells ‘Adloquium’, ‘Succor’ and ‘Sacred Soil’.